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    • Hacking the Human Mind - American Civilians Targeted with Neuroweapons
Never mind the bombs and bullets or other conventional weaponry, consider the use of hi-tech stealth weapons. Not just for use in warfare, but for other nefarious purposes. A number of whistleblowers have come out of the woodwork to let us know that governmental agencies such as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) are using some of these hi-tech stealth weapons on unsuspecting civilians for mass mind control.
Through his research, such as that based on the startling revealing information he obtained from whistleblowers, author Dr Nick Begich explains the nature of the operations and hidden ulterior motives behind this rapidly developing mind control technology.
The mind control technology originates from the work of original scientists such as Josť Delgado and his EEG (electroencephalograph), bio-physics studies on subjects. The technology began with brain implants, which were later removed as it developed.
The current technology works by directing radio signals on targeted individuals to stimulate specific areas of their brain. These low-density subtle energies have the effects of causing disruption to the bodys physiological integrity, resulting in mood changes such as high anxiety. The directed radio signals may also be used to alter decision-making in order to manipulate a desired behavioral outcome.
Not just specific individuals, but according to Dr Begich, the technology has been known to psychoactively manipulate and overwhelm entire enemy armies during combat, causing them to surrender. However, the fact that this technology is used in the military is only because the soldiers are guinea pigs. .There is a bigger picture at work:
The government is also using agencies such as DARPA for applying this psychological warfare technology to covertly control and manipulate entire civilian populations.
Its all part of the ruling elites technocratic agenda; total global domination with the use of technology. For instance, its no coincidence that DARPA has a strong allegiance with Google. Both have a number of same objectives involving the mind control and manipulation of society for forming a new hybrid social structure.
As the technology develops with other technologies, there are more options for the ruling elite over what they can do. Consider those technologies perceived by many members of the public as advantageous, but, unknown to them, have other nefarious purposes for controlling and manipulating society into a police state, mass surveillance, New World Order.
For example, a number of us know that there has been a strong push for implanting microchips for I.D and monitoring purposes. Take the case of implanting microchipped pills. There are advantages such as the ability to control doses and monitor patients remotely, but the implants could be used for
Consider other examples having hidden nefarious purposes, such as the health- and mind-threatening ubiquitous Wi-Fi towers with their applications including computers, cell phones and forced smart technology. Then there are mind controlling techniques involving the use of modulated signals to electronically manipulate the brain, via the mainstream media and social media for brainwashing and extreme propaganda.
Targeted Individual  also euphemistically known in the military as an anomalous human potential
Through the governmental agencies obsession with mass surveillance and data collecting, wanting to know your every move, using the technologies, you could be regarded as an enemy of the state if:
1. You have anti-corporatist views, knowing about corporate crimes and cover-ups
2. You stand for the 2nd Amendment
3. Youre pro-Constitution
4. Actively against your treasonous, corrupt government
In other words if youre found to be standing in the way of the ruling elites New World Order agenda then that could make you a targeted individual (anomalous human potential) for mind control to bring about your subjugation.
(Now wouldnt that be quite ironic. DARPA using your own tax dollars to technologically manipulate your decision-making and behavior!)
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